masai portraits

I crossed the Masai land by foot between Gol Mountains, the Serengeti and their sacred volcano Ol Doniyo Lengai in Tanzania. Masai were my guides during the day, my gardians during the night at the fire while I slept in my tent without electricity and running water. They danced for me and offered their wonderful Masai bracelets for sale.  Masai face serious water problems in this area and dysentery is still one of the most frequent death causes. Lions still pass by during the night. Masai women are in charge of everyday life including hut building, food, children, and even cattle now and then (normally the role of men). Masai women  carry their society. They still face female genital mutilations (excisions) as a result of their initiation ceremonies and have often no choices as we do. Even if our lives are so different, what I tried to find are the common grounds between us as human beings, to try to understand and remain humble.